Performing and visual artists can be responsible for creating the change we want to see in the world. Art changes opinions, instils values and promotes confidence and connection.

NESPA is a six year arts-education intensive for students in years 7 to 12 at the Wodonga Middle Years College and Wodonga Senior Secondary College that will see students participating in core subjects, arts focused classes, workshops, mentor programs and Anchored in Industry.
In the relentless pursuit of the arts, students will think innovatively as they navigate their education and future decisions. To create an environment that fosters creativity, asking questions and making bold choices:

  1. NESPA is a brilliant opportunity for young people to get involved in because they will have the power to shape the local creative landscape
  2. NESPA helps encourage students to embrace their passions
  3. With NESPA, students develop skills and experience in their chosen fields
  4. Young people value options. NESPA supports diversity in the arts

The purpose of NESPA is to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a diverse arts based training and industry experience that prepares young people for professional pathways in the performing arts and related careers. We will encourage them to make connections and work together to reveal their passions. The knowledge and skills they will learn will help them pave the way to successful careers in their chosen fields.


  1. Be enrolled at either the Wodonga Middle Years College or Wodonga Senior Secondary College
  2. Complete the NESPA enrollment documentation
  3. Complete the audition/interview
  4. Complete the voluntary-noncompulsory financial payment (scholarships are available to support this process)
  5. Students will be asked to choose a minimum of two arts disciplines to focus on
  6. A pathway will be generated for them that will show them where their study will take them from today to graduation
  7. Student will then be enrolled in a weekly instrument music lesson. This will be for the instrument of their choice, or vocal lessons (including singing and or expression). This lesson will also include being part of a performance ensemble.
  8. Each discipline will have an extra-curricular class attached that will be completed after school hours.
  9. NESPA Students will also have access to the following extra-curricular activities:
    1. Anchored in Industry
    2. Workshops
    3. Collaborative Performance Events
    4. NESPA Performance Camp and other Excursions
    5. NESPA Awards Ceremony
    6. Non Arts related Subjects
  1. Finally the responsibility is on your young person involved in NESPA to thrive as they study in an environment that supports their passions. We will value your young person as much as their creative pursuits. We will guide them and support them through their current pathway onto university and careers within the arts industry. We will change the perceptions that “the arts” is not a valid pathway as we highlight the many pathways and career/employment opportunities available today.