In addition to our 4 disciplines, Art, Dance, Music and Theatre, the North East School of Performance and Art offers a range of extra-curricular activates which truly makes the NESPA experience unique. Click on each discipline to explore the range of opportunities available to our students.

A large component of NESPA will be students’ continued engagement with industry. Networks will be sought out and created to help facilitate students’ industry pathways. NESPA fully supports and embodies the “If you can see it, you can be it” catchphrase.

Anchored in industry will take many forms depending on the student, their desired pathways and options available. The WSSC Careers Team will support students through the process of insurance and protection as they will come under the banner of WSSC legally. Students will be allocated a period of time that they will be covered to participate in Anchored in Industry and they will be able to visit as many times as negotiated during that period.

The opportunities are endless. Students need to see a variety of industry opportunities to broaden their scope for post school choices. Any true industry experience will be a brilliant one to ensure educational growth.

If students are able to engage with Industry experiences pre tertiary, they will create strong personal networks in this area. Once they have completed other formal study, either here or elsewhere, they will feel comfortable to return to this area. This will help regenerate our regional creative landscape and give it a much needed boost.

Experiences many include but are not limited to:

  • Bump in Bump out
  • Gallery Curation
  • Participating in admin tasks with a venue manager
  • Working with Artists in Residence
  • Ushering
  • Running audio/visual/lighting equipment
  • Meeting with artists for discussion
  • Seeing how to put a performance together
  • Administrative Tasks
  • The Creative Process

NESPA students will be given multiple opportunities each year to participate in a variety of extra curricular workshops that will cater to their specific disciplines. These workshops will be aimed at giving students direct access to industry professionals and experiences to study with them and learn about their crafts. Payment for these may or may not be included and are not compulsory.

Throughout the course of the year there will be opportunity to perform in a variety of public and school based events. This may involve showing of art work, music/dance/theatre performances. These will be both campus specific as well as larger collaborations between the three campuses.

Different excursion and camp opportunities will be offered to students a different times in the school calendar. Some camps will be a join NESPA activity and other excursions will be year level or discipline specific. For example: Students will be invited to attend the regional music camp, the NESPA performance camp or the NYC Tour in 2024. Costings for these activities are not financially included at this stage and are not compulsory to attend.

At the end of each year, students, parents and friends will be invited to attend an awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work of the tribe.

Other subjects typically offered in the middle and senior school experience will also be made available to NESPA students. In the case of the middle years students, they will be supported in these subjects by being placed in classes with their tribe. In the case of Secondary students, other subject choices will be chosen and placed around their arts based timetable.