Students participating in the study of Theatre with NESPA will have a foundation in the history and practice of theatre. This will support them to study and learn a variety of performance styles, design techniques and basic skills in all aspects of the production of live theatre. They will also experience play building and working collaboratively, sharing ideas and presenting works that push boundaries.

“VCE Drama and Theatre Studies are largely beneficial to students wishing to engage in employment or further education in theatre. I found not only the enjoyment of the subjects sparked my interest to pursue theatre but the experience also created many opportunities and pathways. VCE Drama and Theatre Studies, allowed my interests to grow and thrive. It introduced a space for exploration, freedom and creativity within a safe space, surrounded by my peers. Falling in love with this environment, I found the confidence to continue my studies, taking this  passion with me to Deakin. Bold choices and creativity drive the decisions I now make, due to the confidence discovered in those classrooms.” – Georgia Rootsey, NESPA Graduate


  • Actor
  • Broadcast Presenter
  • Theatre Director
  • Costume Design/Development
  • Playwriter
  • Sound and Lighting Technician
  • Stage Management
  • Choreographer
  • Set Design/Construction
  • Theatre Analysis/Criticism
  • Text break down workshops with Hot House and Bloomshed Theatre Company.
  • Working with local venues as part of an employment pathway.
  • Local industry employment possibilities in galleries and artistic spaces.
  • Workshops on design elements run by industry professionals.
  • 10-day excursion to New York City, USA for theatrical and cultural enrichment.